What if all these years of hitting the ball far to the left or off to the right wasn’t actually because of you or your swing? Let that sink in… What if we told you that for righthanders, if your lie was too upright, you would hit it left of target? Or if your lie was too flat you would hit it right of target?

At Kubica Golf, our PGA pros are able to measure every metric of your swing whether it is the swing path and club face on Trackman 4, or as importantly, the flaws in your clubs not tailored precisely to you with the Mitchell Bending Machine. Before reading any further, put this into perspective: with a 6-iron lie being 1 degree off, the results could be up to 10 yards left or right of target. Golf is meant to be fun!  Let’s not make it any harder on ourselves by using clubs that are too upright or too flat for our swing plane.

There are millions of clubs manufactured each year. Out of those millions, how many do you think have the exact loft as advertised, and the one that’s customized for you? In a perfect world there should be an equal distance between each club. Most times it is around 5-10 yards, so for example my 8-iron may go 155 so my 7-iron should travel around 160-165 yards. Therefore, when someone scopes a distance they should be able to accurately determine the exact club choice depending on wind and other factors.  Off the rack clubs will often have +2 degrees strong and then another may be -2 degrees weak, so there is no way possible for clubs to have equally spaced distances. The more loft the club has, the more pronounced the misdirection will be. Therefore, accurate lie angles are extremely critical for the higher-lofted short irons.  This is where the Mitchell Bending Machine becomes a valuable tool as each and every golfer can check his or her own loft and lie for every club in the bag. Next time you are playing golf and are frustrated by seeing the ball fly left or right of target consistently, it may not be you. Consider getting your loft and lie checked here at Kubica Golf!

Besides noticing the ball going either left or right, there are many other factors that indicate your clubs’ lofts and lies need to be adjusted. Do you keep finding that you aren’t hitting the ball solid? Are you either on the toe or hosel of the club? Well, we know that problem and have an answer. A hosel shot happens when the heel of the club hits the ground and ball first, opening the club face and making you heel it with side spin to the right. On the opposite side of the face, many golfers struggle with the dreaded weak toe shot. This is caused by a player shutting the face quickly and swinging to the left making the toe of the club hit the ground and ball first, resulting in shutting the face quicker than anticipated. The explanation is logical!  Since there are standard dimensions and tolerances from each manufacturer for the average golfer’s height and size, a taller golfer would need the club to be pointed in upright a degree or two, and that shorter golfer would need the club bent downward a degree or two.

What is the fix and how do I get my lofts and lies adjusted? Kubica Golf’s PGA pros can analyze your swing to determine if the lie on your clubs is correct for you.  Next, they can measure your clubs on the Mitchell Bending Machine to make sure the lofts are to specification and make adjustments where necessary.

Next time you head to the course, you can be assured that your clubs have the proper gap, and the lie is correct for your swing.